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Announcement Update on release of ArtiseMC


Web Developer
Hello everyone,
First of all I know it's really frustrating to handle to much delay and false alarms of server getting release, I am really sorry about the delay of release but with that i have some good and bad news for you, first of all the bad news is that we were first about to release tomorrow but to compensate we have some great news for you all..

With this finally being official ArtiseMC is getting release in exact 48 Hours from now!

We are doing a whole migration of the server and giving it a energy boost with some villagers and witches working overnight on the quality to make sure u get the best experience out of AritseMC..

+ We are gonna be hosting in Canada, with that we are working on a special way to make it so everyone around the world gets the best ping possible
+ Increase in overall performance by almost 50%
+ This opens up more chances of u getting staff!

If you have any questions feel free to make tickets on Discord, we'll have them resolved as soon as possible

Team ArtiseMC