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Tips and tricks to know


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Name's Bee, I've been playing in this server for more than 9 days so far.
I had my fair share of unfair deaths, learn ways to keep myself safe. He is my advice, feel free to add your own.

Slimefun: its good, it's important.
One of the; if not the absolute best early game equipment to get at very very start of joining the server, is the Slime Boots. I've seen countless newbies fall to thier deaths.

This item cost 17 exp levels to unlock, more or less. You need an Armor Forge to make this.
Its very simple, 2 slime, 2 iron. It's so cheap that you can buy it from the store by selling lots of cobblestone.

Use /pwarps and /homes
If you're in a clan, use /clan home.
Keep your valuables somewhere safe until you can find a place to live.

Safe zones: There are lots of places that have 1% to zero monster spawns. Most of them are mushroom type biomes, but becareful, some mushroom type biomes can have monster spawns, the crimson forest is especially dangerous if it's not in a Safe Zone state.

Join a clan, make a clan, do your clan quest. /clan is useful.

Don't bother the admins, don't beg for free stuff. People will help you if they want to. Suggestions are fine.

Remember to vote, you will get access to /back when you do. This is VERY important. You'll have 3 hours to grab your stuff back if you fall in battle.

I believe in you.