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Hi.....im glad that you saw my thread......im 18 years and 1,80 m tall......i like listening to music.....mostly Rap or Pop or even Country too🤠. I am a profesionist at Minecraft and i play this game from the Aquatic Update (1.14 i think)......I am social and friendly....fights arent my domenion but building and redstone are......i own a team on ArtiseMC called MountainX......at this team im Owner and in it are 3 or 4 more members without me.......i play on ArtiseMC from season 1 and still to these days i like and respect this server......good Admins, Moderators, and even Members.....well there are bad people too but any server must have one of these.....if you need more informations tell me on Discord👇🏼
Your in-game name
Your Discord name
TPS_Adrian1234 #8957
Do you have a mic ?
I don't have microphone
What timezone are you in
+3 GMT (Romania)
Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? (i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc)
Well i have Discord on phone and Minecraft on my laptop so i can make a foto and send for evidence😉
Why do you want to be a staff on ArtiseMC?
I want to be staff of ArtiseMC cause i like helping people and i like aswell to respond them to questions or maybe help them to buildings.......anyways, im a heartfull person and peacefull so people near me are safe
Why should we choose you over others to be a staff on ArtiseMC?
I want to be staff and i think i deserve to be staff cause im not corrput and i hold with the truth side and if someone goes over the limits like hacking or Tp-killing il bann them for some time or give them advertisment (depends on situation) ......just if they really tp-killed.....cause if the person that sayed that he got tp killed by this player and after il find out that he lied il bann him permanent or for some long time
What are your Weaknesses and Strengths?
Well my strenghts are Building and Redstone......i think im "pro" at these things and i really like too Building and working with Redstone so i will help all players that need help by these things
My Weakness is just 1 : PVP......im kinda bad at PVP.....i am a little good at archery but swording or axing.....im trash😕
Do you have any past experience as a moderator?
Yes.....i have a past experience as Moderator but i forgot to say it at the previous Thread.....im really calm and can handle the situation.......im recomanded👍🏼
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