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Hello, I am Nicepherous, age 22 as of Oct. 22, 2022. The reason I want to become staff is so I can help out with common issues or chat issues. I am not too good at describing myself in detail, as most of what I can think of, pertains to private information. My first name is Tyler, I am a 22yo male, I work as a Security Officer, working nightshift. When I am not working or sleeping I am playing games. I shift between games frequently every few months so I don't lose interest in the games I play. That way it's more fun. There isn't much more information I can think of, but I can provide if asked.
Your in-game name
Your Discord name
Do you have a mic ?
I have a working microphone
What timezone are you in
Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? (i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc)
I do, I don't use it often though
Why do you want to be a staff on ArtiseMC?
I'm online quite a bit, and am planning on being online for the foreseeable future, and I want to help out. thought that applying for staff would help me accomplish that.
Why should we choose you over others to be a staff on ArtiseMC?
It's entirely up to you to choose who you want and who you don't. some people might be more qualified than I am, might have more strengths than I do. but I can put in time and effort into the server, and with my job situation, as I work nights, I can put in quite a lot of time during the day when people are on. days off I can be on as well.
What are your Weaknesses and Strengths?
Weaknesses are that my mind tends to wander a bit, my judgement on some situations, others have disagreed with it but I ask in most situations, and I cannot do any technical things such as code and such. can run commands just fine. My strengths are that I can multitask if needed, I can work under pressure, I don't bend to peer pressure/people asking/forcing me to do things, and I am very patient, and I don't get angry at people, I am nice as I find that it makes your job easier when people aren't pushing back
Do you have any past experience as a moderator?
I have experience moderating Ark servers, and DirtCraft, a modded server cluster running FTB modpacks. I did continuum, rlcraft and a few others. unfortunately I dont have screenshots/videos/proof I can put here. so I believe that means you wont count this. that's fine