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Leo_RS Player report

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Unfortunately, I have reported to several staff about Leo_RS's several rule breaking offences yet none of them have done action, so i've taken it upon myself to file a player report instead.

Many players and staff are aware that Leo_RS has been demoted from helper back to a regular player due to his several offences, AKA typing his own ip in chat, failing to deal with an ip grabber, abusing his permissions, ( /kick in ct ) and many chat offences.

Fortunately i have sucessfully got him demoted but in my opinion its not enough, because of him abusing his staff permissions with /kick i believe a demote is not enough, we have screenshot evidence of him /kicking Kyleoo twice because we killed him outside a claim ( allowed to ).

Not only this, but i have been trying to get him banned for DM Advertising since i've known him. DM Advertising is a 7-day ban due to it being non-malicious, According to Pianoboii ( A Helper ) His DM Advertising was an "accident" and was "meant to be for this friend" but regardless if this is true or not he still deserves a 7d ban at minimum

Now while I am approving of his demotion, i am not of the several chat offences he has been unpunished for. I know that he cusses me out ( Calls me a pussy and a cunt ) In Hindi so it avoids the swear word detection system. So not only should he be banned for 7 days minimum, he should also have a large mute for all these chat offences

DM Advertising ( 7d Ban )
Name Calling ( Should be a verbal warning, although this is one of many )


Abusing Staff Power: ( Now while i do understand he is demoted, this should still be punishable. It DID happen, and in no way do i think this should go unpunished.

This is my final attempt at making sure Leo_RS Gets the ban he deserves, a demotion was good but not enough.
Thank you for reading, take into account i heavily researched to make sure everything i am claiming is factual.
Screenshots provided by Myself, and Imagineclarky.


Adding onto this report, I've asked Leo_RS if he had any previous staff experience, he said he did. When I asked where, he completely ignored me, which makes me question if he was lying then or not. Either way, giving him staff was a mistake, and I'm glad his helper role has been revoked, but as Sila has been saying, he deserves more than just a demotion. He's hurt the player base multiple times and shown that he thinks he's able to do whatever he wants when another staff member isn't around.

Also, I read over the rules, and revealing personal information is an automatic 7-day ban, which can be worse depending on severity. Since Leo leaked his own IP address, which is very severe whether he had a VPN or not, I feel it should be longer since it is unprofessional and just plain stupid. I understand what the staff did was right at first, but since the rules have been released, I realized more action needs to be taken against him. It's clear that he will continue to do stuff like this seeing as he didn't learn his lesson when he posted his IP and kicked a player from the server twice after that player killed him, so I'm leaving the decision to you guys, as I know I can only inform of what he's done. Just know most of the player base wants him gone.
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