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ArtiseMC (#19) (06.08.2022)


Web Developer
Its been quite a few weeks since i have make a change log on the updates of the server i am now back on track updating artise starting off strong with huge changes.

Server Changes:

+ Fixed Pinata party not activating at the 200 mark.​
+ Fixed Player warp ratings. (now able to rate warps)​
+ Fixed some bugs with custom enchants.​
+ You are now able to claim land in the nether.​
+ Added back /enchants menu​
+ Added a change to get common, epic and legendary crates from voting.​
+ mcMMO changes;​
- Capped mcmmo Acrobatics at 750. any level above that will get reverted to 750.​
- Changed Max-Chance of Dodge from 20% to 15%​
- Changed Max-Chance of Roll from 100% to 75%​
- Increaded party level cap from 30 to 50​
- Fixed Unarmed not working correctly & decreased the level cap from 250 to 200​
+ Fixed disguised players you will no loger be able to pvp while disguised​
+ Updated Chat Games adding more trivia and words to the game.​
+ Added a discord alert to #survival-ads for the auction house.​
+ Fixed duplication glich from /trade.​
+ Added checks so players can't sit in claimed land they are not trusted on.​
+ Main server Chat update;​
- Fixed /msg showing that the player is not on the server​
- added some more colorizing to some commands appearing in the chat.​
+ Ranks permisson changes;​
- Gold Rank+ can now use /back permanaly.​
- All ranks can now use /spin, /sit, /crawl & /lay​
+ Updated Slimefun & addons.​
+ You will no longer able to fly or do certain commands while in pvp combat tag.​
+ Mobs should now be a bit more consistant with spawnning. (sea creatures)​
+ Slimefun nerfs + changes;​
- BLADE OF VAMPIRES sword ability reduced from 15% to 10%.​
+ added leaderboards back at /spawn​
+ Small bug fixes.​
+ Improved Performance.​

Known Issues:

- Mobs at spawn displaying ranks moving arround.​
- menu between /shop and /menu not working correctly.​
- enchantments dissapearing and reapearing randomly.​

Note all of these Changes will apply on 07/08/2022 1AM BST

If you're encountering any issues please make a bug report HERE and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.