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    Rejected Staff Application - Arth

    Denied, lack of quality (you may re-apply in 7 days)
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    Rejected Staff Application

    Denied, Lack of Detail
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    Rejected staff app

    Sorry but this application has been denied due to lack of effort.
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    Rejected WoodMZ - Staff Application

    Yeah sorry. We only recruit staff who are already active within the community. Offering you a role before you've touched base with the community isn't really fair. I'll have to sadly deny the application, if you wish to come and be apart of the community I'll let you re-apply in 30 days.
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    Approved Staff Application

    Hey good application, we'll move this to pending and you'll be interviewed soon.
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    Approved A Bee's application for staff

    Hey Bee. The application has been read by me and the team. I personally think you're a big figure within the community, always helping people & doing the most for the new players. You've taken the time to make a really good meaningful application and we're delighted to have you on our staff...
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    Rejected WoodMZ - Staff Application

    Hey Wood. Good application I must admit. We really need someone like you around but after discussing with the staff and digging in a little more it seems you haven't logged onto artise for over 5 months.. If you're actually wanting to be apart of the community and staff team over @ artise then...