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  1. ImagineClarky

    Nicepherous Staff App

    Moved to Management review
  2. ImagineClarky

    Staff Aplication Here

    Denied - Lack of Information
  3. ImagineClarky

    Here want to be staff❤

    Denied - Lack of Effort and information
  4. ImagineClarky

    Staff application

    Denied - Lack of Activity. You may re-apply in 7days.
  5. ImagineClarky


    Denied - Not following the given format
  6. ImagineClarky

    I got tp trapped

    Denied - not following the format
  7. ImagineClarky

    Staff Application

    Denied - Lack of effort
  8. ImagineClarky

    Licklacks staff aplication

    Denied - Lack of Effort
  9. ImagineClarky

    Kingprits Got report by the user KIngofthespirits

    Hello, thanks for the report. Unfortunately we have a format for reporting players which we expect you to use and read what is in there.
  10. ImagineClarky

    Approved ✨Staff Application✨

    Welcome to the Team
  11. ImagineClarky

    ducks staff application

    Hello, thank you for your application. Unfortunately your application doesnt meet the minimum standards. Therefore we have to deny it due to lack of effort and missing information.
  12. ImagineClarky

    Rejected With much respect staff,

    Thank you for the report! Unfortunatly we can not take any further actions against it because of the lack of evidence and not following the format for an player report / staff report.
  13. ImagineClarky

    Approved ✨Staff Application✨

    Hello, we would like to invite you for an interview. Please create a mangement ticket on the discord about it. Thank you
  14. ImagineClarky

    Staff application

    Moved to management review.
  15. ImagineClarky

    Staff App

    Denied - Lack of Activity
  16. ImagineClarky

    Approved ✨Staff Application✨

    Moved to management review.
  17. ImagineClarky


    Denied - Lack of Effort
  18. ImagineClarky

    ducks staff application

    Denied - Lack of Effort, Missing Strenghts and Weaknesses
  19. ImagineClarky

    Thick_Hermit68's staff aplication

    Denied - Lack of Effort
  20. ImagineClarky

    Approved Staff Application

    Hello kiwidork, we would like to arrange an interview with you, please create a billing ticket in Discord as I can't find your Discord user you specified. Thank you.